CULLEN'S CORNER                                                                            March 06, 2013             9:00 pm CST                                                             Click here to listen 


WOMEN BEHIND THE WALL, WITH GLORIA Goodwin-Killian                 March 12, 2013            3:00 pm PST                                                              Click here to listen 


Nostalgia 2                                                                                      April 20, 2013              6:00 pm CST                                                                Milwaukee, WI 


NATIONAL INNOVATIVE COMMUNITY CONFERENCE 2013                     June 20-21, 2013         8-4:30 pm PST                                                             Ontario, CA 

Jail to Jobs:

On-the-Job training offers funds for employers to hire ex-offenders   July2, 2013                                                                                                   Click here to read

Wrongful Incarceration:The Darlene Hunter Show                              September 21, 2013       9:00 am PST                                                             Click here to listen

Brenda Ward open book radio                                                           October 19,2013            2:02 pm PST                                                             Click here to watch


Milwaukee Community Journal

Lifestyle and entertainment section (page 7)                                      May 21, 2014                                                                                                Click here to read

Hot Head Happy Hour Interview                                                         January 23, 2015                                                                                          Click here to watch 

Sisters Place 2-Online magazine by Letrise Carter                              March 21, 2015                                                                                         Click here to read

Lillian McMorris Show Cox Cable Channel 96 also Airs on over 50 locations on the Internet                                                      www.lillianmcmorrisshow.com  

and the Lillian McMorris YouTube Channel                                                                                                                                           Click here to watch         

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