Bonita Fahy- Author of the up and coming best seller Guilty: The Inside Truth, Mentor, Professional Speaker, Motivator, Community Change Agent

Bonita (Fields) Fahy is a native of Milwaukee, WI. She earned her HSED in 2002 while an inmate at Tycheedah Correctional Institution.

In 2008, she earned her Master’s Degree in Organizational Management and Leadership from Springfield College of Human Services. Starting this November (2013) she will begin work on her Doctoral Degree in Organizational Management.

Since her release in 2004 she has volunteered over 500 hrs and continues to be an agent for change in her community.

Guilty: The Inside Truth


Braylin Falls is quite happy with her life until she has a back injury that cripples her family financially. With no way out she turns to the streets to support her family. Now in the drug game Braylin sells just enough marijuana to support her family to make ends meet. Then one day in April 2002, the unthinkable happens. Braylin finds herself in fear of her life and facing 80 yrs. for the murder of her friend.

Follow Braylin from the streets of Milwaukee to the Wisconsin Prison System as she struggles with her guilt and deals with the consequences of her actions. Where will her life take her as she tries to deal with the daily challenges she is faced with being an inmate?


Number of Copies
Number of Copies
Based on a true story this book will appeal to all readers. It is about choices, family, guilt, and most importantly an inside look at how social issues affect the community. We invite you to take a journey and walk with Braylin as she struggles to find forgiveness and most importantly rehabilitation in the justice system that is known to have revolving doors. Experience the unedited inside truth for yourself!


"VIA FB-Hello Bonita! I just finished reading your book. It is very good and I am glad you got to to tell your story. So many of us have a story of a time in our life were God mercy and grace kept us. I thank God, He kept you even in the midst of the storm. Continue to be encouraged." -- via Facebook

"VIA FB-It's awesome. Very thought out, thorough, edited very well. I haven't sat down & read a book in quite a while but this is definately a "must read".It serves as a "self help" guide to alot of our young people to try to make the right decisions & not follow the wrong crowd. Because every action has a consequence, whether good or bad."

"VIA FB-Omg... I started this book tonight and couldn't put it down... I'm forcing myself to sleep... Can't wait to read more... thanks"

"VIA FB-I started it and now i shouldve waited till i was off work! I think im so drawn to it because its facts! Fictional characters of course but its a REAL LIFE SITUATION and I can def relate!"

"VIA TEXT-Bonita, This is Keisha. I just want you to know I am ur biggest fan.. I want u to know that I am so proud of you.. When I read your book I felt your pain. Your spirit touched my soul. I will certainly tell everyone to read your book. God bless you"

"VIA FB-I finished the book last night took me 6 hours & I must say I have a whole new respect for women in the system I cried like a baby & had to even stop reading for a minute this book is amazing I'm glad I read it & thanks for the inside truth!!"

"VIA FB-Wow I'm barley on the second chapter & I've already cried, you were not playing when you said its a must read me & my daughter are in here engrossed in this d*mn book lol. Good job lady!"

"VIA FB-Jay let me read your book the other day, I loved it, read it in one day. Was really a inspiration to go further with my education you did it in prison, so there's no excuse for me not to do it."




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